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Simple Tips To Be A Better Software Developer

When you start a new software development career, you surely feel excited and frightened at the same time. You have so much to learn and everyone will tell you that it will take years to be very good at your work. This is true for all crafts though and there are always ways to make things better for you. You will build an app in no time if you just practice and keep at it. And here are some simple tips to help you speed up the process.

Find A Mentor

Finding a good mentor will do wonders for your career. They can give you very good advice on practically anything, from design to architecture. They will even help when it comes to improving the career path you are on.

It is always best to choose an individual who does not work in the same place as you. Advice can be received online, via email, or even on the phone. Find a person who truly understands development and who is successful, of course.

Focus On Communication

There is this misconception that everything in software development revolves around coding. While it is the main part of the job, communication is also something you absolutely need to be really good at. This is because you can present ideas in a concise and clear way. Basically, you can make others listen, which is a big part of the career.

Good communication involves being a very good listener, which also makes it much easier to be successful. This is especially true when you have to work with a team.

Write Code Every Single Day

Practice makes perfect and if you want to be a very good software developer, you should write some code every single day. This advice may be obvious but few people actually respect it.

Every single person in the world is busy and it is so simple to find excuses for not writing code. But, when you do, you keep your skills sharp and you keep improving, which is always vital if you want to be very good. If you do not find something of interest today, just change projects or languages.

Accept That You Will Make Mistakes

It is close to impossible to get it right on your first attempt. You will surely mess up and you need to accept that this will happen from time to time. Keep in mind that you are learning and learning from your mistake is a huge part of everything.

When someone shows you that you made a mistake, simply thank them. This is a huge favor for you since you get to see something that needs clarification or improvement. Discuss the issue and then see what can be done. Being open-minded is a huge advantage in this career.

Don’t Focus Just On Work

You should always stay humble and remain willing to learn. You have to keep learning and you have to keep improving because technology always changes. If you simply stay focused on work, it is certain you will eventually stall. You can get out of this by focusing on other things too, not just your work.


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