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Convenience, Good Customer Service Keys to Success for E-commerce

In March 2018, Civic Science issued the results of a survey that revealed convenience is the most important factor for consumers who do business online. That’s a pretty clear signal to e-commerce owners that busy consumers expect a website that’s easy to use and saves time. If online shoppers can easily find what they’re looking for and transact business without delays, your credibility goes up along with your chances of succeeding in the ultra-competitive online marketplace.

For the optimal customer experience and your own optimal success, explore the following tips, courtesy of WONGCW.

Fast and user-friendly

People begin forming an opinion of your site within milliseconds, so emphasize speed, convenience and coherence. If your site is slow to load, unappealing and difficult to navigate, you can probably count on losing business. Include top-quality product images, and make sure the site is mobile-friendly.

People who are accustomed to using a handheld device for making purchases will be turned off very quickly if you’re unable to make it convenient for them. Don’t just guess either. You can see exactly how customers experience your site either via synthetic monitoring tools or real user monitoring. This process will let you know where to make upgrades and edits in order to make more sales.

Responsive customer service

Few things are more frustrating for a consumer than being unable to contact customer service when they can’t locate a product or complete a transaction. Being transparent and responsive with customers builds trust, so make sure there’s a link to customer service along with a toll-free phone number clearly listed on your site.

Add a detailed and informative FAQ page (another convenience) and incorporate live online chat as a form of customer support. Third-party apps utilize task bots and pull information from your ecommerce site to help you respond quickly and efficiently. You should also make a special point of contacting any customers who’ve had a problem with your site and invite them to provide feedback, complaints and suggestions.

POS software

Effective POS software is crucial for your e-commerce site. It can make the difference between a high-performing site and one that causes problems that frustrate and drive customers away. Your POS software should function equally well on PC, Mac and mobile devices. In particular, it should be able to process different forms of payment without inconveniencing the customer. It should also acknowledge orders via email or text as soon as they’ve been transacted.

And of course, since you’re collecting sensitive information, be sure to line up proper security measures. As Zeguro explains, standards are tightening up in every industry, and the last thing you want to do is to be noncompliant. Cyber criminals are targeting small businesses, and the vast majority of data breaches are money-driven. What’s worse, more than a quarter take months to discover, so ensure you have taken steps to protect the data you collect.

The customer’s favorite word

Customers love to see that four-letter word “free” when shopping online. Look for opportunities to weave it into your online business platform. For example, offer free shipping on bulk orders to encourage business, but be careful about offering a product or service, which can be problematic if you decide to charge for it later on.

Convenience, transparency and responsiveness are critically important for establishing trust with your online customers. You need an online “storefront” that’s at once robust and easy to use so all those busy people seeking a product or service can do so quickly and conveniently. The easier you make it for people to do business, the greater your chances of establishing long-term customer relationships.

For more tips and information pertinent to your business’s success, connect with WONGCW.

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