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Zoom Will Lift 40-Minute Limit On Thanksgiving For Free Users


While Zoom gets the job done just fine when it comes to making video calls, the company does set limitations for those who don’t pay for its services, namely when it comes to group video calls, there is a 40 minute limit per session. This means that once the 40 minutes is up, you’ll have to re-run the session to start again.Advertising

However, Zoom has since announced on Twitter that for Thanksgiving, the company will be removing that 40 minute limit for all meetings. This will kick off at 12AM ET on the 26th of November and will last through until 6AM ET on the 27th of November, so you basically have a little over 24 hours to take advantage of this offer.


While we’re sure that some free users would love to see this offer extended for longer than just Thanksgiving, we suppose it is better than nothing. Given that a lot of us are stuck at home and are unable to travel, this will be a good way for families and friends to gather to celebrate Thanksgiving virtually and remotely. Plus Zoom does support multiple users at once, so if you have a particularly large extended family, then this should come in handy, so mark that date down and take note of this.

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